Malaysian Supper Club London

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Malaysian Supperclub London

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If you like Malaysian Food, check out our Malaysian Supper Club In London. Held monthly in a unique venue in London, our supper club takes you on a discovery of the flavours of Malaysia.

Malaysian Food has such a rich heritage from being in the middle of the Spice Route. Through the years, we have been colonised by the Portugese, Dutch and British and have been influenced with traders passing through like the Arabs. Being in such a prominent part of the South Seas trade route, we have also had an influx of travellers from the Middle East, bringing with them their culture, religion and food influence. In the last few hundred years, commerce and trading have brough in a new influx of immigrants from China and the Indian sub continent.

Malaysia Food has profited from all these cultures and we have absorbed all their influences into our food culture,  resulting in a unique array of fusion cooking. The Malaysian Kitchen is a great example of fusion food done well.

About the Malaysian Supperclub

We normally serve about 8 courses of delicious Malaysian dishes, from Nyonya curries to favourites hawker stall food incorporating Indian Muslim, Malay and Chinese flavours too.  Here is a sample menu.

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(Note: Sorry, the menus are not suitable for vegetarians as it is not easy to subsitute the ingredients in the dishes)

What the Malaysian By May Supper Club is all about

It is an evening of feasting on Malaysian Home Cooking

  • It’s normally about 8 courses and the menu is usually a combination of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya and our other unique fusion cuisines.
  • Seating is on communal tables where you will get to meet other foodies and make some new friends. Our guests so far have been really friendly and singles don’t feel left out if they come on their own.
  • Be adventurous, you can come by yourself and meet some friendly new people. A lot of people do.
  • It’s unique
  • Charming hosts, if we may say so ourselves !

Read The Reviews Of Our Previous Malaysian Supper Clubs

Dawn Tuckwell wrote:
We had such an incredible time at May’s supper club – wonderful food in such a wonderful atmosphere.  It really added to the evening having May explain the history of Malaysian cuisine so we knew why we were eating what we were eating.  I cannot fault the evening, May and her team went above and beyond to produce some really exciting dishes – we didn’t want to leave!  We will most definitely be returning soon.  Thank you May.  Dawn

elefrend wrote:
This is our first supper club experience and it will be one that is hard to beat! We attended May’s Malaysian Supper Club and the food was great – both quantity and quality. Hosts were all so friendly and hospitable and we had a really great time. Thank you once again and I look forward to another session. Tiffany


By Hot and Chilli

I also expected the tastes and flavors to be toned down for the English palette, after all, we are in London. I was so wrong! I really enjoyed this supperclub experience, and the food, flavors and textures reminded me so much of my childhood!’  

Charles verdict: ‘very good value for money, given all the effort that has been put in, the quality of food and ingredients, and the fact the supperclub host may not necessarily do this full time, and diners need to be aware of how difficult it is to pull off a great supperclub like this one’.

By Afternoon Tease

I had to leave very shortly afterwards full to the brim with delicious food and on a complete sugar high. What a fantastic evening of delicious food and great company. I can’t wait for the next one.

By Pasta Bites

I had a great night and I was very happy to finally taste May’s food – so I cannot wait to repeat the experience with more suppers! 

We have been in the news recently too!  (Evening Standard, The Telegraph, Time Out London, Silver Kris Magazine, RyanAir Magazine)

Book by emailing us at Bookings (at)